• TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USING THE ZARA HOME GIFT CARD IF PURCHASED IN GREECE The Gift Card may be used to purchase any product sold in ZARA HOME shops on Greek soil. The Gift Card may not be used in shops other than those in the country where it was purchased.

    The Gift Card may be purchased by any means of payment accepted in Greek ZARA HOME shops.

    Once purchased, the card may not be returned. The credit on the card may not be reimbursed, nor exchanged for cash.

    The products purchased with the Gift Card are subject to the same Returns Policy as any product from ZARA HOME.

    Reimbursement of payment for returned items will be made to the Gift Card, adding to the available credit on the Card. If the Gift Card has no credit, the amount will be reimbursed by a means chosen by the client.

    The Gift Card can be used as many times as wished until the total amount indicated on the card has been spent. If the customer makes a purchase over the amount available on the card, the difference may be made up in cash or by any other means of payment accepted by Greek ZARA HOME shops.

    The available credit on the Gift Card is the difference between the balance prior to having made the purchase and the total amount of the purchase. If a product purchased with the Gift Card is returned, the available credit will increase. This available credit will appear on the sales receipt when the card is used.

    Once the card’s full balance runs out, the card will be kept by ZARA HOME.

    The Gift Card is valid until the date that appears on the back. Once past this date no ZARA HOME products may be purchased nor can the unspent credit be reclaimed.

    The Gift Card is a bearer document and its exclusive use is the cardholder’s solely responsibility. ZARA HOME will not replace cards that have been stolen, lost or damaged. The resolution of any conflict derived from the Gift Card will be dealt with by the Courts of the City of Athens and subject to Greek legislation.