MixedThe ergonomics of fibre and comfort of feathers. The feather interior makes them voluminous and the two outer fibre layers mean they can easily adapt to your neck.
Feather core and two fibre sections | 100% Cotton percale cover | Medium/high firmness | Voluminous and soft
MicrofibreResistant and anti-allergenic. Available in different formats, our microfibre pillows are also made with recycled polyester.
100% recycled polyester | Recycled polyester case | Low firmness | Available in various sizes
100% Polyester | Polyester cover | Low firmness | XXL size
100% Polyester | Polyester cover | Low firmness
ViscoelasticFirm and highly adaptable to the neck, they release tension and help you rest.
Flake foam cover | High adaptability to the neck | Medium firmness | Hypoallergenic
Foam block cover | High neck adaptability | Medium-high firmness | Hypoallergenic